From homeowners Lloyd and Helen Blubaum


Hello Mike, I hope the winter has been good for you. We are returning to IN this week. We left our home in December shortly after our work was finished and we are anxious to get home and live in it. We wanted to tell you what a great job you and your crew did. You were so honest and straight-forward with us; please use us as a reference.

I have bedtime story for your twins.

“Once upon a time, there was an old man and woman. They lived in a house where the roof was falling in, and they didn’t know what to do. They tried and tried to have it fixed, but nobody could fix it right. Then one day they met a man who said he could fix it. He had to tear the roof and the walls down and the old man and woman could look up and see the stars in the cold, winter sky. After much work, he built the roof and the walls back on. He even made a beautiful fireplace for the old couple. They were very happy and they never had any roof problems forever.” Do you know the name of this man?


Helen (once a school teacher………)